Although the Ace Club is basically very informal, experience over the years has shown that a few guidelines lets people know what to expect.

Initially, as a prospective member, you will receive the current month’s programme. This programme will carry only the telephone numbers of the committee. If you wish to attend an event with a contact, for whom you do not have a contact number, please telephone a member of the committee who will be happy to ask the contact to call you. An application form will be included to enable you to join should you wish. However, please do not feel that you have to join Ace before you attend events. We are happy for you to attend a few events to ‘try us out’! We will send you programmes for two months by which time we hope you will have joined. After that time, if we do not receive an application form from you we will assume that you do not wish to join and no further programmes will be sent. However, should you change your mind at a later date please call Sue on 01342 317079 or email Kath using the contact us option on this website,. The current programme with limited phone numbers is available also on this website.

Subscriptions are non-refundable and are £10 per annum from 1 May to 30 April the following year. Those joining late in the year will enjoy the appropriate reduction for the remainder of the year. Subscriptions help us to pay for the production and postage of programmes, subsidising SOME events and other expenses (such as hospital visits or flowers). The Ace Club is non-profit making. If you do not re-join in May each year after that time the programme will not be mailed to you until you re-join.

The cost of bookable outings must be paid in advance and refunds cannot be given either by the Ace Club or the individual organising the event. Once a member has paid for a ticket to be obtained, he or she is responsible for payment. While we appreciate that sometimes a member may have to cancel at the last minute due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, please consider your host and if they have had to shop, for a meal and would be out of pocket due to the cancellation, please offer to pay at least half of the costs of the event

Members have responsibility for their own travel arrangements. Individual members sometimes make arrangements among themselves for car sharing and lifts for those without cars (obviously, with some sharing of petrol costs). However even the most willing driver will not always find it convenient to go out of their way and people without cars should be prepared to make their own way sometimes.

If you wish to bring a friend (non-member) to an event in someone’s home PLEASE CHECK FIRST with your host as they may wish to have only people that they know in their home.

Please respect the privacy of other members and their families. On no account pass a member’s telephone number to anyone else without that members consent. Programmes should not be given to non-members. However, small cards and leaflets giving brief details about Ace Club are available to pass to your friends. If your friend is interested in Ace Club give their name and address to a committee member and we will send them a programme. Likewise, if you wish to speak to a member whose number you do not know, a committee member can ring them and ask them to call you.

As a general rule, members buy their own drinks. Men used to buying rounds often find this one difficult. The solvency of members varies considerably and some find they cannot afford more than the odd lemonade. The embarrassment of not being able to reciprocate in the buying of rounds could discourage members from coming along and we want EVERYONE to come along as often as they want.

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate membership. Some may find the Ace Club is not right for them or they might be interested for the wrong reasons and a different organisation may be more appropriate. We are a social club, NOT a dating agency.