How long has the Ace Club been going?..

The Club was started in approximately 1984 by two friends who had been widowed and who felt that there was a need for such a Club in East Grinstead. Hundreds of people have been members over the years.

Where are your events held?

Our events are held in pubs, restaurants, theatres, etc – in fact anywhere that we choose to visit. Sometimes they are held in members’ homes. Our AGM is held at the Copthorne Social Club, Copthorne Bank, Copthorne, Crawley, RH10 3RE.

Do people sometimes find it difficult to walk into a pub where they know nobody?

All our events have a contact who is willing to meet a new or prospective member in the foyer, at the entrance or other agreeable place and to introduce them to other members. Everyone will have been new once and will make you feel welcome. We also have a regular Grill Night at Wetherspoons in East Grinstead where a member of the committee will ‘meet and greet’ and we particularly encourage prospective members to come along.

Can I come along to see if Ace Club is for me?

We encourage prospective members to attend a few events before deciding whether to join or not. Initially your programme will only have the telephone numbers of the committee but if you call one of us we will ask the contact, for the event you are interested in, to call you to let you know how many are going and, if required, meet you so you do not walk in alone.

Is it expensive to join?

Currently our annual subscription is just £10 per year mainly to cover the cost of printing and mailing programmes. Sometimes, when we have sufficient funds, we subsidise an event. Our ‘year’ runs from 1 May to 30 April the following year. We hold our AGM during May when subs become due for payment. However, if members join between 1 November and 30 April we only charge half the subscription until the following AGM when the full amount becomes payable to continue membership for the coming year.

When are the Club Nights?

Currently we do not have a regular ‘club night’. However, we are always willing to try new things and would welcome someone willing to find a venue and organise this.

How many members does Ace Club have?

Around 55 although it changes from year to year.

Is it run by a committee?

We have a committee who meet about the middle of each month to discuss Club matters and to plan the programme for the following month. This allows time for the programme to be produced ready to be either posted or emailed to members prior to the start of the following month. We are non-profit-making and all the committee are volunteers.

Who organises Ace Club’s events?

The members. This way we get a good variety of things to do. We also exchange programmes with other clubs and join together for the occasional event.

How do I know what events are available?

We issue a programme of events at the beginning of each month. We have included a copy of our latest programme here on the website. Please take a look.

How do I receive the programme?

It is usually  emailed to keep down our costs but it can be mailed to you if you do not have access to email.  The programme shows the date, time, venue, details of the event and a contact name plus a deadline for letting the contact know. (this is especially important in the case of meals where a table needs to be booked or shopping bought and, of course, theatre tickets which often need to be bought well in advance to secure a reasonable seat and have them grouped all together).

How do members go about organising an event?

An event can be anything you enjoy doing and would like to share with other members or you can be a contact for one of the regular events on the programme. First you would call or email the programme producer with details of your event. They will need a date, start time (and, if relevant, finish time), some details of the event including venue with post code and, of course, the cost if any. She will discuss with you a deadline for people booking to enable you time to make any relevant arrangements. The committee are always on hand to offer advice for members wishing to organise an event.

Do you have sports on the diary?

Darts at a local pub or club, skittles and tenpin bowling have been organised. We are happy to include any sporting event that you care to suggest/organise.

Any holidays?

We have had trips to Kukenhoff, for the bulbs and the Cotswolds. We are happy to include any trips or breaks that members care to organise.

How do I join?

See the Contacts Page for details. Once you have made contact we will arrange for a current monthly programme and Prospective Pack to be emailed to you. Although the pack includes an Application Form, do come along to some of our events first to confirm that the Club is for you.

Sounds interesting, what do I do now?

Drop us an e-mail – the details are on the Contacts Page.