Role Responsibility
Chairperson – currently vacant. The committee is being run as a collective. Chairs committee and Annual General Meetings. Provides Agenda for Secretary to aid note-taking at meetings.

Generally tries to improve, promote and take the club forward in a realistic and beneficial manner.

Responsible for organising the Christmas celebration event(s) and for booking a venue for the AGM.

Treasurer Receives all monies paid to the Club and banks same. Pays the bills and expenses of the club and its committee. Keeps records of the clubs income and expenditure and prepares a profit and loss statement at the end of each year

During the year transfers money from current account to savings account in order to maximise the Clubs’ interest earning capacity

Secretary Keeps records of all members and prospective members. Prepares letters and other literature for the Club (including Prospective Packs, Application, Booking and other forms, advertisements and posters, leaflets and flyers for events, info gathering and AGM papers).

Takes notes at meetings and produces minutes there from.

Programme Production Officer Receives events from members and committee and prepares programme.