About Ace Club

For unattached men and women in Sussex there is no shortage of enjoyable things to do. It’s just a matter of knowing where to find them. Ace Club, a club for unattached people of any age, mostly 50+ but with no upper or lower age limit, offers an opportunity to make new friends doing the things you enjoy….

All events in our programme are organised by our members via our committee. That way we get really good variety in the things we do and, with over 50 members, there are bound to be people who want to do the same things as you.

We email a programme of events once a month and you just have to contact the member who is organising the event you want to attend.

Activities include pub nights, cards/games eves, walks, meals out, quizzes, theatre trips, coffee mornings, cinema evenings and many other activities including discos.

Check our FAQs for questions that prospective members have asked about Ace Club.

Ace Club History

A social club for people of any age, mostly 50+ but with no upper or lower age limit, for whatever reason unattached

The Ace Club was started in approximately 1984 by two friends who had been widowed and who felt that there was a need for such a club in East Grinstead. Hundreds of people have been members over the years.

The purpose of the club has not changed although in the beginning, most people had young children. With the widening age gap, some formed a separate Gingerbread group and the Club now caters for people mainly with non-dependent children.

We meet for social events from our programme which runs for one month at a time and includes meals out, quizzes, cinema evenings, dancing, canasta, bridge, pub evenings, theatre trips, walks and outings. Our aim is to have an event on every day to provide as much variety and choice to you members as possible. New ideas are always welcome.

It can be a difficult time when you have been left on your own in the middle years. People often feel a great sense of loss and can be very lonely. Old friends are supportive but have their own lives to lead. This is where we hope the club will be of interest. It gives the opportunity to make new friends who are in the same position, to try new things and it offers a social life.

Outside the programme Members may make arrangements with each other for, say, a game of scrabble, a walk, going to a dance or other outing of common interest. We try to help each other in various ways. At times, just having someone you can ring and chat to can be a great comfort.

The Club is not intended to be a dating agency although, over the years, several of our members have married or formed relationships. We ask such couples to continue to circulate individually at Club meetings in order to make unattached and, in particular, new Members feel comfortable.

In 2009 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary with two events during a weekend.  In 2019 we celebrate our 35th Anniversary!

Last, but not least, we have great fun and enjoy ourselves. Some people find that they are laughing again for the first time in a long while!